Healing Hands Massage by Joyce
Take healing into your own hands.

About the Practitioner

Joyce Flanders LMT, BCND
AOS Therapeutic Massage 

I am dedicated to providing the best services to all clients equally. I am eager to continue my education so as to bring up to date services and new techniques to better serve my clients. 

I want to bring health and healing to all who comes to see me.  I aim to reduce pain, tension and promote relaxation in the alloted time of a session. 

I use aromatherapy oils in the massage sessions to increase the ambiance and quality to the treatment.  Oils can be tailored to the clients needs as well to address specific ailments. Reflexology can be added to a massage session or done alone.  It is my desire to bring a more holistic approach to health and wellness using alternative therapies to manage weight, stress, disease and premature aging.  


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